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You may remember the first time you saw Walt Disney's Song of the South. It could have been in 1946 when the film was first released to theaters. Or it may have been in the 1970s or even the early 1980s when the film was re-released to theaters. One thing is certain. Unless you have a European VHS tape, an Oriental LaserDBrer Foxisc or an illegal copy bought on the internet, you haven't seen Song of the South since the theatrical releases. Song of the South has never been released on DVD by Disney anywhere in the world.  And you and your family probably won't see Song of the South on DVD any time soon. Disney Studios has locked the film away in it's vaults because of potential controversy involving the interaction between black and white characters. We're here to help you remember this precious gem and maybe share some of your memories with other generations. There is also an online petition urging the release of Song of the South on DVD.

We're building a web site all about this now hidden Disney treasure. We'll have loads of informational pages for you, along with references to other great places to research Song of the South. There will be audio features, video clips, a great photo gallery and so much more. We plan on making this the "Go To" site for Song of the South information. Come back soon.... and come back often!

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