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What Others Say

"Thank you! I love this movie. I did as you suggested and set my DVD player to Widescreen. We watch it on a 7 foot projection screen and it looks fantastic. Just like a modern movie. My kids think it's a new movie and especially love the cartoon sequences. Thank you again. "Dave"

"I received the DVD. Thank you so much. It was just as you described. I so enjoyed watching it again. It brought back many good memories. It is an important piece of history. Nobody agrees with slavery anymore and Uncle Remus is a wonderful example of a loving person in a time of hardship. Thanks again. "Linda"

"We have received the DVD and I love it!!! My daughter and I have watched it three times in two days. As a child, this was one of my favorite movies and it touches my heart to hear my child sing the songs with me!!! Thank you for making it possible for my family to experience this treasure."

"I'm so happy! This movie is one of my all time favorites and now I have a beautiful DVD. Thank you!"

Precious Memories

Uncle RemusRemember the first time you saw Walt Disney's Song of the South? It was an amazing experience when it was first released in the 1940s! Groundbreaking film techniques that have made this a historic movie landmark. And it's still amazing today. Live characters interact with adorable animated creatures. It was a special moment for sure. If you or your family and friends have never seen it it's sadly because it hasn't been seen in theaters since the 1980s.

Well now you not only have an opportunity to see the Song of the south exactly as it was shown in theaters, you can see it in the comfort of your own living room with our very special edition of the Song of the South DVD. Crisper video, vibrant colors and perfect audio have made this the DVD edition to have and to cherish. Skip to your favorite scene or song. Jump back and watch a scene again. Our interactive menu system allows you to navigate the movie with ease. This is the without a doubt the finest print of this classic available anywhere. Not a copy of anyone elses DVD. This is a freshly revitalized print only available here.

The live action and animation sequences were groundbreaking at the time of production and remain as special and exciting as ever. Also, we feel that this film is no more racist than Gone With the Wind or a dozen other classics that are in general release. It is a sweet film filled with loving and caring white and African American characters. It takes place after the Civil War and the slaves have been given their freedom. However, it is very early in this new era and times are hard for everyone, black and white alike, so character depictions are possibly "glamorized" a bit. Former slaves are still learining how to be free. Poor and uneducated they still live and work hard on the plantation for their white owners.

But this is primarily a children's movie and as such it provides good moral examples on all sides. The annimated sequences in particular teach some basic survival techniques as Brer Rabbit tries to survive in a world where predators are around every corner.
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